About Frankies Dogs On The Go

From Coney Island roots to New York streets, Frankies Dogs On The Go is where tradition gets a fun flip. Dive into our tale of buns, dogs, and city vibes!

Frankies Flavor Fusion!

Way back in the day, about 140 years ago to be exact, Coney Island had a bright idea. They thought, ‘Why not turn hot dogs into the ultimate hand-held snack?’ Fast forward to today, and you’ll find that not much has changed.

In the hustle and bustle of New York, the hot dog is still the go-to snack for folks on the move. It’s as New York as the Empire State Building, Central Park pigeons, and those ‘I ❤️ NY’ tees! 

Enter Frankies Dogs On The Go. While we tip our hats to the classic New York hot dog, we’re not afraid to sprinkle a little innovation on top.

Think of us as the quirky cousin of the traditional hot dog, bringing a fresh spin to an old favorite. With every bite, you’re getting a taste of nostalgia, mixed with a dash of the unexpected.

So, if you’re thinking, ‘Just another hot dog stand?’ Think again! Frankies is where tradition meets a twist, where classic gets a fun upgrade. It’s the same comforting taste you know and love, with a Frankies flair that’ll leave you coming back for more. Ready for an awesome good time? Swing by and savor the flavor. Because at Frankies Dogs On The Go, we believe every hot dog has its day!

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This is a food stand on the dining level of Grand Central Terminal. I have been enjoying NY style hot dogs my entire life and had never tried Frankies. OMG they were awesome!! Great fresh roll and really good caramelized onions. Good portion of sauerkraut too! I will be going back. Also enjoyed a traditional square potato knish.
Jeffrey Liss
Google Review

Our Values, Hot Dog Style!

At Frankies, we’re not just about the sizzle; we’ve got some meaty values too!

🌭 Bun-believable Quality

We source the finest ingredients because a top-tier dog deserves a premium bun and toppings.

🍅 Relish-able Service

Like the perfect relish, our service aims to be zesty, sweet, and always satisfying.

🎉 Grill-tastic Innovation

We're always cooking up new ideas, keeping our menu fresh and your taste buds guessing.